Overly Attached Fangirl

Overly Attached Fangirl


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Seeing samcedes things and silently kinda shipping them even though I’ve only watched about two or three episodes of glee…

Are you really going to leave all of this up to a couple of kids?
They’re more capable than you think.

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*new episode of a show I’m behind on starts playing*
Me: *River Song voice* Spoilers! *runs out room*

Peyton Sawyer (2005): There are 6 billion people in the world.

Me: Now there are 7 billion, another extra billion from 9 years ago. And I still haven’t had ONE BOYFRIEND.

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TVD and TW only


talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan


isaac lahey in every episode:
↳ 2x01 Omega

"Lahey….Isaac Lahey."

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